Springboro to annex land from Franklin Twp. for proposed subdivision

Springboro is poised to grow another 42 acres as a result of an annexation agreement with Franklin Twp. that will allow the property owner to get access to city water/sewer services and expand Clearcreek Park.

City Council approved a revised pre-annexation agreement with the property owner, Associate Construction Inc., and an annexation agreement with the Franklin Twp. trustees. The property is located south of the intersection of Advance Drive and Sharts Road.

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The pre-annexation agreement would limit the density of the undeveloped tract to a maximum of 79 residential lots with a maximum gross density of 1.88 units per acre, according to City Manager Chris Pozzuto. In addition, he said the agreement includes adding nearly nine acres to expand Clearcreek Park.

“This squares up our borders and will add park land,” Pozzuto said. “It’s good for everybody.”

He said the additional land would square up the boundaries along Sharts Road on the west side of the community and would allow the city to provide public safety and utilities services to the proposed development..

Associate Construction has been working with the city and the township for several months on the annexation agreement. The developer wanted to obtain city utilities, but the city officials declined unless the property was annexed into the city.

Once the annexation process is completed, Springboro will provide municipal services including but not limited to police protection, providing fire and EMS through the Clearcreek Fire District. In addition, water and sewer facilities that are in the area will be made available to the owners/developers through existing facilities.

The property owner will be responsible for cost of any lift station(s) needed for the property. The completed process will detach the property from Franklin Twp. and incorporate it into Springboro.

The city is required to pay Franklin Twp. $100,000 in repatriation, but the deal is structured for the developer to pay the township and the city will pay $66,000 for the nine acres of land to expand Clearcreek Park.

The property is zoned industrial, but after the annexation petition is approved by the Warren County commissioners, the city will accept a zoning application to zone the property as a Planned Unit Development.

The annexation application will go to the Warren County Commission for further consideration. If the commissioners approve the application, it will return to City Council for final acceptance.

Franklin Twp. Administrator Traci Stivers said it will be considered by the Board of Trustees next week.

“We never like seeing township land annexed, but I don’t think the developer had a choice in this situation,” Stivers said.

The property will remain in the Franklin School District.

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