Street paving, park upgrades among projects in Springboro budget for 2023

The city of Springboro has approved its operating budget and capital improvement budget for 2023 over the past few weeks, as city officials emphasized delivering core services, safe and reliable utilities and maintaining its infrastructure.

City Manager Chris Pozzuto said key investment areas include public safety, community grants, recreation upgrades, community events, and public utility infrastructure upgrades.

In 2023, city officials said in all funds, the city is estimating its revenues at more than $54 million and expenditures of $62.5 million. Pozzuto said while the numbers appear as deficit spending, the city is required to list debt it took out in 2022 for projects that will be spent over multiple years.

The city plans to spend more than $13.7 million in its capital improvement program for 2023. Major capital projects include:

  • $2.12 million in street paving.
  • $1.4 million in upgrades at North Park.
  • $800,000 in water main replacements.
  • $500,000 for utility generators for the wastewater treatment plant.

The city’s 2023 general fund budget revenues are more than $13.2 million, with more than $14.8 million in projected expenditures.

The city’s income tax on wages and earnings is the largest source of revenue, providing 79% or $10.5 million of Springboro’s general fund revenues, city officials said. Springboro is projecting income tax revenues of more than $15.6 million in 2023, with $13.2 million going into the general fund.

Other general fund revenue sources are from state shared taxes, fines and fees, transfers, city property tax, building permits, interest, and miscellaneous sources.

The 2023 budget will show a 7% decrease in expenditures over the 2022 budget, officials said.

Pozzuto said the city plans to spend more than $1.49 million for park services, community events, and park maintenance; and more than $3.35 million for police and related services.

Other general fund general government expenditures include $1.96 million in purchased services; $1.5 million in personnel costs; $903,000 in refunds; and $200,000 in community sponsorships and grants.

2022 Springboro numbers

  • 3,514: The total number of permits issued by the city Building and Zoning Department
  • 8,198: The monthly number of city utility services customers
  • 14,844: The number of 2022 city income tax filings from residents and businesses
  • 17,770: The number of calls for service responded to by police so far in 2022
  • 40,496: The number of rounds of golf played at the city-owned Heatherwoode Golf Course
  • $2.44 million: Amount of 2023 principal debt payments the city plans to retire in 2023.


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