VIDEO: Dash cam shows woman ram police cruisers in Kettering pursuit

Kettering police have released dash camera footage from the pursuit and arrest of a woman who rammed cruisers Tuesday night.

The video shows the woman back her vehicle into a police cruiser before driving around another, scraping the front of the cruiser blocking her path before fleeing.

According to Kettering Police Department Public Information Officer Cynthia James, the incident began around 8:26 p.m. Tuesday when officers received information from Flock cameras that the woman, who has multiple warrants for failure to comply, was in the city.

She had reportedly fled from police multiple times in the past when police tried to stop her.

Police said that she rammed two cruisers when they tried to block her in so she couldn’t flee, leading to a pursuit that ended after Miami Twp. police deployed stop sticks and a pursuing officer conducted a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver to stop the car.

The video shows the PIT maneuver and shortly after when police take her into custody on three misdemeanor warrants, one felony warrant, and preliminary charges of failure to comply, possession of drugs and felonious assault.

No one was injured during the incident.

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