Area comedy club will try to break world record for longest show

Current record is 80 hours and 5 minutes and is held by

MIAMISBURG — A random conversation between comics has now turned into a chance for the Dayton comedy community to break a world record.

Beginning this Wednesday and running through Sunday, Feb. 18, Bricky’s Comedy Club will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up comedy show by multiple comedians. More than 200 comedians will perform for 81 hours straight.

Bricky’s owner Kevin Ruppert has been working nonstop over the past couple of weeks to organize the Bricky’s World Record Comedy Festival. While taking on a task this rigorous can be intimidating, Ruppert said that breaking the record will be worth all the work.

“It would just be a community accomplishment for Dayton comedy, the City of Miamisburg and Star City Brewing,” he said. “It will be a demonstration of what we can achieve as a group. That will be most rewarding.”

The current record stands at 80 hours and 5 minutes and is held by The Nashville group beat the previous record in 2015 and participants for that show included Ralphie May and Hannibal Burress. Ruppert said that the Nashville group has been incredibly helpful throughout the process.

“The Nashville group said that ‘however hard you think it will be, it will be harder,’” Ruppert said. “The sheer volume of comedians has been logistically daunting.”

Ruppert said comedians from Nashville will be performing on opening night as well as comics from all over the Midwest. The lineup includes comics from as far as California and Dayton’s comedy scene is heavily represented. The hours are blocked off into 15-minute to 60-minute spots.

“What’s weird was the overnight spots haven’t been as hard to fill as the early morning time. Early morning has been the toughest. However, we only have four or five spots left to fill,” Ruppert said.

The logistics and rules in order to be considered for the world record by Guinness is also a factor that comes into play. All sets must be at least 15 minutes long and comics can only perform once every four hours. No musical comedy or magic is permitted. There must also be at least 10 audience members at all times for it to count. Ruppert said he thinks he has worked out a plan for the audience issue.

“We are asking comedians to be there for four-hour blocks so they can double as audience members. We will also need volunteers around the clock and promotion. We will need help from the community to break the record,” he said.

While Ruppert is asking for support from the community, he said he is prepared to stay awake for four days straight if that’s what it will take. He currently has a couple sponsors, but any businesses that might want to help with sponsorship or donations of some kind would be helpful. Coffee and energy drinks will definitely be needed.

After the event, if all goes according to plan, Ruppert will submit the evidence to Guinness and then wait to see if they accept it. Getting a Guinness adjudicator to come out is costly so the record will be done retroactively.

Ruppert said he is humbled by all the comedians who are traveling for the event and helping out as emcees, timers, audience members and promoters. While no famous comedians are on the lineup, Ruppert did want to shout out to a certain Yellow Springs comedian.

“Just wanted to extend an invitation to the GOAT to come out and carry us across the finish line if he wants to. Without him this little thing we’re building probably wouldn’t exist so it’d be an honor if he wants to pop in and close out the record attempt,” he said.

That, of course, is Dave Chapelle.

How to go

What: Attempt at world’s longest comedy show

Where: Bricky’s Comedy Club inside Star City Brewing, 319 S. Second St., Miamisburg

When: Begins at 3 p.m. Wednesday

Cost: Two-hour passes for $15 or a festival pass for $40

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