Health Inspections: Arby's Roast Beef

Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED
Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 3655 Maxton Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 20

Violations: All TCS foods in the prep cooler and the milk display cooler at the service area were above 41F at time of inspection.

Prep cooler: slice tom, 48F; sliced ham, 50F; sliced turkey, 49F; beef brisket, 51F

Milk display cooler: milk, 48F

The TCS foods are being moved to another cooler that works at this time.

Repair cooling units as needed before use again.

Maintenance has been called.

The handwash sinks in the male and female restrooms are dripping at this time. Repair as required.

Comments: Operation is generally in excellent sanitary condition at this time.

However, it is recommended to sweep the floor of the walk-in freezer to remove old accumulation. Correct above violations for reinspection on or after 07/22/16.