Health Inspections: Chicago Gyro & Dog’s

Address: 3979 Indian Ripple Road, Suite I, Dayton

Date of inspection: Jan. 18

Violations: Found lettuce uncovered in reach in cooler. Corrected.

Found unlabeled shakers. Corrected.

Found a single use bowl with no handle stored in the feta cheese in the reach in cooler and a portion cup with no handle stored in feta cheese in the make table. Corrected.

Found a rag hanging off the side of the sanitizer bucket. Corrected.

Found no items in the facility date marked. Addressed with PIC. Correcting.

Found broken lexan containers. Corrected.

Found the following surfaces not smooth and easily cleanable: the area on the wall above the rear kitchen hand sink; the racks in the reach in coolers; the bottom of the make table at the back of the facility.

Found the following equipment in need of repair: the seals on the Delfield reach in cooler; the racks inside the reach in coolers; missing screw in ice machine; non-working masterbuilt cooler (removed from kitchen during inspection).

Found the sanitizer in the dishwasher being tested with quat test strips rather than chlorine test strips.

Found food/warewashing thermometers not calibrated regularly. Obtain calibration instructions from manufacturer and calibrate regularly.

Found single use containers (buckets) that were being used as ice buckets and food storage containers.

Found ice in the kitchen handwashing sink. Addressed with PIC. Corrected.

Found the illumination at 39 foot candles at the prep table in the kitchen.

Found the following areas which must be repaired: tiles around the floor drain in the kitchen; the wall behind the dishwasher; burnt out lights; bare wood and holes on panel holding potato dicer; hole in wall by entrance to kitchen; the cardboard covering the unused hood area to the left of the main cook line.

Found the following areas in need of a detailed cleaning: mop wall; under/behind equipment; shelving; racks; ceiling vents; ceiling fan; rear of sink.

Found earrings stored on the microwave and keys/phone stored on the prep table beside the microwave. Corrected.

Found employee burn cream stored unlabeled in a portion cup on the microwave. Corrected.

Found the tubs holding lids, bottles, etc., with food debris present.

Found single use fry trays and “ice buckets” stored non-inverted. Corrected.

Comments: Provided facility today with copies of updated handouts concerning food safety and/or new Food Code changes.

Per our discussions with the PIC, your facility is encouraged to develop a short-term and long-term action plan regarding the issues identified during today’s inspection. To ensure compliance with the Ohio Food Code, please address all noted and discussed issues prior to your next inspection. Note that the Health District is available to assist you upon request.

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