Health Inspections: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Restaurant inspections

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Restaurant inspections

Address: 7171 Miller Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 13

Violations: An in-use utensil was stored in a hot deeper well that was 87F at time of inspection. Repair so the hot water in the holding well is hot above 135F at all times during use.

Observed a box of food on the floor in the walk-in freezer. No storage of food boxes on the floor to prevent contamination from the dirty floor. Corrected immediately.

The door seals on the under counter freezer in the food preparation area are broken. Replace for proper functioning of the freezer.

Clean all food contact surfaces routinely, sanitize and maintain:

- The interior of all cooling units in the food preparation area

- All racks in the walk in coolers and the reach in coolers

Clean all above areas and maintain.

Clean the following non food contact surfaces:

- The area around and under the potatoes peeler

- All equipment in the dish machine from room especially the trash cans, the dish spray surface, all interior of all steam wells, the dump sink, and all food preparation counters.

Clean and maintain.

Most of the door frames to the dish area and cooling units need repair as they are breaking up from water damage. Repair.

All the following structural areas were dirty at time of inspection:

- The floor behind the ice machines and the hot holding units

- The floor in the dish machine room

- The walls in the dish machine room

- The floor behind the ovens

- The floor of the walk in cooler

- All the handwash sinks

The wall in the potato oven area. Just total general cleaning required.

Comments: The restrooms were satisfactory.

Food temperatures were excellent.

Good sanitary practices were observed.

Pay attention to cleanliness and we will have an excellent operation.

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