Health Inspections: Dairy Food Mart 


Address: 465 W. Funderburg Road, Fairborn  

Date of inspection: June 27  

Violations: Found shelving throughout the facility in need of a detailed cleaning, along with the interiors of the coolers, and interior of the microwave.  

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Found the warewashing sink unclean.  

Found the areas around the exterior of the facility with excessive trash and debris present.  

Found no soap at the handwashing sink behind the ice cream machine.  

Found the following issues which must be repaired: stained ceiling tiles throughout the facility must be replaced; the walls in the rear warewashing area must be repainted; there are lights burnt out in the walk in cooler which must be replaced; the bottom of the swing door to dry storage; bare wood shelving in the walk in cooler must be painted; holes in the flooring of the restroom must be replaced; the wall behind the utility sink must be repaired.  

Found the shelving throughout the facility in need of a detailed cleaning, along with the doors, windows, and walls. The cobwebs need removed from above the self-service coffee area.  

Found a purse stored on cases of soda.  

Found several unnecessary items in the dry storage area of the facility. Remove all unnecessary items.  

Found numerous items in the reach in freezer that are improperly labeled and marked “not for individual retail sale”. These items include: Healthy Choice ice cream bars; skinny cow ice cream sandwiches; DiGorno pizzas – multiple toppings; Klondike Bars; and Nestle Drumsticks.  

Found a sugar dispenser unlabeled at the self service coffee island.  

Comments: Provided new handouts and discussed new code changes and the following items are required to be completed/provided: a procedure for cleanup of vomiting/diarrheal incidents (viewable during inspections) and provision of a diarrhea/vomiting cleanup kit that is compliant with the new rules (see handout); a sign off sheet which indicates that employees have been informed of when they must report illness which is readily viewable during inspections.

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