Health Inspections: Dragon City

Address: 81 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn

Date of inspection: May 19

Violations: Found no level 2 certification available during inspection. Provide handout/registration to PIC.

Found multiple food items in walkin uncovered. Corrected.

Found multiple containers of food throughout facility that were unlabeled.

Found wiping cloths in kitchen stored out of sanitizer bucket.

Found box of chicken under shelf in walkin. Correcting.

Found chicken date marked from 5/10/17. Discarded.

Found pan of chicken in cold table 50F (for 1hr). PIC removed and placed in walkin.

Found sauce cups used as scoops by cook line.

Found a chair blocking hand sink in kitchen. Corrected.

Found the following items in need of repair: Damaged floor tile in kitchen, damaged floor tile by front register, lights out around kitchen/dry storage, and water stained ceiling tile in dining room.

Found dust/debris in the following areas: under cookline, mop sink, under 3 compartment sink, under equipment, restrooms, light switch in employee restroom, and floor in kitchen.

Found dust/food debris in the following areas: top of make line, sides of deep fryer, top of cookline stove (heavy debris), prep table by 3 compartment sink (top/lower shelf), sides of the large pan, and shelf with coffee maker on it.

Found buckets cut in half being used to store food in walkin. Discontinue this practice items will be transferred to proper approved food storage containers.

Found paper towel dispensers in kitchen and customer restroom not dispensing towels. Make sure towels installed will feed out of the dispenser. And ensure employees are not drying their hands on their clothing.

Found lighting around cooking area less than 50 foot candles, hand wash sink less than 20 foot candles, and inside of walkin less than 10 food candles.

Comments: Facility has had issues with repeat violations. Any corrected violations must remain corrected by next inspection. Any violations must be corrected by next inspection.

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