Health Inspections: Kroger

Address: 731 Market St., Troy

Date of inspection: Feb. 16

Violations/comments: Observed scoop in flour bin in deli area where handle was not above the food. Observed spoon for scooping peanuts where the handle of the spoon was making contact with ready-to-eat food, corrected during inspection. Observed reduced price packaged raw beef where the safe handling instructions were covered with a sticker, also the name of the product was in all abbreviations. Food product labels are not in compliance with standards of identity requirements, corrected during inspection. Reach-in cooler in deli area did not contain a thermometer. Repeat observation: the surfaces of cutting boards in the deli area were severely scratched or scored and could not be effectively cleaned and sanitized. Observed dolly carts in meat department with build-up residual. Critical violation: observed produce storage tubs that were unclean. Food equipment surfaces are not cleaned at the required frequency. Observed employee jacket stored on rack in deli area making contact with clean items. Observed walk-in cooler/freezer in the click list section that were not constructed of approved materials, observed the use of wood in the walk-in cooler/freezer. Observed no towels or hand-drying device at the hand-washing sink in Starbucks area. Observed no hand washing sign posted at hand washing sink used by employees in sushi area. Observed a build-up of debris underneath shelving in bakery area. Critical violation: observed the presence of live birds in the store.

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