Health Inspections: Super Subby’s

Restaurant inspections.

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Restaurant inspections.

Address: 5527 Salem Ave., Dayton

Date of inspection: July 11

Violations: Observed debris build-up inside, top of ice machine and debris on plastic spoons for customer service in plastic tub. Discard ice, wash, rinse, and sanitize all inside portions of ice machine to prevent contamination. Ensure utensils are stored in a uniform manner in a clean bin to prevent contamination by hands on the food contact end. PIC discard spoons and placed bin to be cleared.

Observed debris or dust build-up on the following areas:

- Shelf above refrigerated prep table

- Inside refrigerated prep table

- Ceiling fan in cooking area

- On outside of fryer shield near reach-in cooler

Clean and maintain all such areas to prevent contamination.

Observed dust build-up in the following areas:

- Ceiling in cooking area and near slicer

- Wall above refrigerated prep table, between fryer shield and reach-in cooler, above cookie warmer

- Vents and return in cooking area, near slicer, and restrooms

Clean and maintain and all such areas of facility to prevent dust particle from falling into food.

Comments: PIC stated that two people have taken Level II food protection class, but have not completed testing requirement. Continue to work toward having at least one manager or supervisor pass Level II food protection test and obtain certification.

Bleach sanitizer concentration was 100 ppm in three compartment sink and 50 ppm in the sani-bucket near slicer.

Monitor outdoor waste receptacle area and pick up trash that may be present.

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