Health Inspections: El Toro

Address: 6770 Miller Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 24

Violations: Observed ice scoop dropped in ice at the bar. Stored ice scoop out of ice or in ice with the handle sticking out to prevent ice from contamination.

There were no sanitizer testing strips to monitor the sanitizer in the dishwasher or anywhere. Provide sanitizer testing devices to monitor your sanitizer at the beginning of each day.

There is sanitizer attached to the dishwasher but it is not being dispensed to sanitize utensils. Sanitize in the three compartment sink until dishwasher is adjusted to dispense sanitizer to sanitize utensils.

The cutting board by the salad cooler is dirty with too many grooves that make it not cleanable. Resurface or clean to remove old dirt. Otherwise, replace.

Clean the salad dressings holding container to remove dirt build up and maintain.

The following areas need cleaning routinely:

- The handwash sinks

- The interior of the upright beer cooler in the kitchen

- The interior of the kegs cooler

- The drip pans at the bar

- The pop gun at the bar

Have sanitizer buckets for your food contact surfaces and change every two hours and as needed when dirty.

There was no handsoap by any of the handsinks during operation. Hands were not being washed. Always have your handwashing supplies available for use during operation. Provided immediately.

There were no paper towels provided either. Corrected immediately.

Provide a handwashing signage by your handwash stations as required.

Comments: Correct all above violations immediately. Reinspection in about one week.

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