Health Inspections: Twin Dragons

Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 1598 Covington Ave., Piqua

Date of inspection: Feb. 9

Violations/comments: Observed raw chicken stored above cooked chicken in reach-in cooler. Keep all raw meats below cooked items to prevent possible cross-contamination. Also, raw chicken above cooked in walk-in cooler. Corrected. Cooked General Tao's chicken at room temperature 94-80 degrees. Keep all TCS foods below 41 degrees or above 135 degrees to prevent bacterial growth. Item moved to walk-in. Observed food items in prep cooler above 41 degrees. Corn, 48 degrees; mushrooms, 48 degrees. Keep all TCS foods below 41 degrees at all times to prevent bacterial growth. Cooler turned down. Raw frozen meat thawing in stagnant water. Do not thaw in stagnant water. Safely thaw in refrigerator, while cooking, under running draining water, or in microwave if cooked immediately. Water standing in small prep unit. Repair. Disposable grocery bags being used to store food in walk-in freezer. Do not use these items to store food. They cannot be properly cleaned. Observed broken food containers. Do not use food containers after they have been damaged or cracked. They cannot be properly cleaned. The following items need to be cleaned. This is a partial list: All equipment and food contact surfaces need cleaning, microwave, rice pots, walk-in freezer and cooler, hood, can rack, shelves, prep tables.

Boxes stacked in front of back hand sink. Do not store items in front of hand sink so hands can be washed as needed.

Replace missing/burnt out lights. The walls and ceiling are very dirty and need to be cleaned. Chemical spray bottle stored by bowl of raw chicken. Keep chemicals away from food. Corrected.

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