Health Inspections: Uno’s Chicago Grill

Address: 126 N. Main St., Dayton

Date of inspection: June 15

Violations: Observed the following foods out of temperature range for cold holding in the walk-in refrigerator:

- Jambalaya-47F

- Chicken wings-50F

- Meat balls 45F

- Salad dressings between 45F-49F

Jambalaya and chicken wings were voluntarily discarded by PIC during inspection, meatballs were moved to the very back of the walk in, and lids were placed on salad dressings at the salad prep station.

Ensure all TCS foods are maintained at or below 41F to limit the potential growth of bacteria.

Comments: This inspection is a follow up from the previous inspection on 6/13/2017 regarding refrigeration units. Overall, operation has shown improvement of TCS cold holding temperatures.

- Discussed and recommend keeping TCS foods in walk-in refrigerator at the very back (by rearranging foods in unit) away from the door to properly maintain temperatures at or below 41F.

- Two reach-in units have thermostat’s on order and discussed keeping foods on ice/in other units to maintain proper temperatures.

Recommend additional kitchen personnel receiving Level 1 food safety training.

Contact this department at 937-225-5918 once thermostats have been installed in units for a follow-up inspection.

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