Huber considers naming rights options for music center

$19.3 million music center’s construction should finish this year.

City officials are expected to discuss the music center’s naming rights at Tuesday’s Administration Committee meeting, with the goal to have a deal “wrapped up as soon as possible,” City Manager Rob Schommer said.

Schommer said a naming rights agreement will need to be in place before the city embarks on its large-scale marketing plan. City officials declined to disclose any naming rights proposals on the table.

“As we are exposed to different opportunities, we need to be prepared for anything,” Schommer said.

The $19.3 million music center is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The 4,500-seat covered seasonal venue is located at 6800 Executive Boulevard.

Councilman Mark Campbell, chair of the Administration Committee, said both options will be considered.

“I look forward to Rob bringing back more information to the committee, as promised,” Campbell said. “Once we get more information, like the value of a donation, we can then better assess if we need to continue reaching out for a corporate sponsorship.”

Schommer said a corporate deal would include specific terms, such as the number of years, and the need to rebrand the music center could exist if an agreement expires and another sponsor comes on board.

A one-time donation would lock in an identity and create an “icon status,” like the Schuster Center and Nutter Center, he said.

According to the city’s management agreement with Music and Event Management, Inc., the entire revenue generated by the music center’s naming rights directly goes to Huber Heights.

The city projects to make a little more than a quarter of a million dollars in the 2015 season, according to an estimated operating budget. That figure is based on 15 shows with varying attendance figures and potential ticket sales that establishes a ratio. Schommer expects some 2015 show dates to be scheduled around the first of the year.

Earlier this year, Huber Heights announced the music center’s VIP area will be named the “Circuits & Cables VIP Area.” The agreement will pay the city $40,000 annually for the first five years of the deal.