Find Out How You Can Sing On Stage With Bon Jovi

Credit: Alexandre Schneider

Credit: Alexandre Schneider

Bon Jovi are giving you a chance to sing on stage with the band. get the details here.

Bon Jovi have a new album “2020” coming this year.

They have not announced the release date yet.

But they have announced their upcoming tour with Bryan Adams.

You could end up singing with the band at one of the stops on the tour.


Later this month they will be releasing a single, “Limitless”.

They want to hear their fans sing it, before it’s available.

Here is how it works.

Go to on a mobile device.

You will find the instrumental track there along with the lyrics.

You have to do this on a mobile device so you can record yourself singing.

A press release says “Since no one has heard the full song yet, users will have to bring their own creativity to sing the lyrics how they think they should sound."

Next you post the video to Instagram stories with #SingBonJoviContest and that is how you enter.

Bon Jovi will share the best versions on their Instagram feed.

The band will choose a winner who they will announce when they release the full single.

That winner will get to sing “Limitless” on stage with Bon Jovi during the upcoming summer tour.

So if you think you have what it takes, go sing!!!

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