The Boxcar Suite, (left to right) Tony Moore, Trevor Bell, Tim Pritchard and Phil Caviness, release the new album, “Further In and Farther Out,” at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Saturday, April 28. CONTRIBUTED

The Boxcar Suite celebrates new vinyl release at Yellow Cab

Writing and recording is a constant in the life of Tim Pritchard, who first made a name locally in the mid-2000s with the band Flyaway Minion. The work and dedication to his craft has paid off with his current group the Boxcar Suite, releasing the stunning new album, “Further In and Farther Out,” at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Saturday, April 28.

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“This was the most collaborative album I’ve ever done,” Prichard said. “Our approach developed a lot and, honestly, that’s because this is the longest I’ve had a lineup together around my songs. We’ve been together since 2012 and as we played together we developed naturally in rehearsals so there has been a lot more exchange of ideas. This record really shows that. This is the first release where everything on it was written for this band.”

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The Boxcar Suite also features Tony Moore (guitar), Phil Caviness (bass, vocals) and Trevor Bell (drums).

“Tony was integral in writing some of this stuff,” Pritchard said. “He brought the main ideas that became ‘Living to Infinity’ and ‘Lighter Song.’ Phil has always been a great part-writer and arranger but he also contributed some lyrical content and did a lot of vocal writing. One thing we wanted to do with this record is showcase his capabilities in writing and arranging harmonies and different parts that flow together.”

The material was engineered and produced by Pritchard.

“We still use our practice space at BHA for all the live tracking,” he said. “That room works well for the drums and stuff so we continue to record there. A lot of the overdubs like electric guitars and vocals were done at my home studio. It’s just a project studio but I’ve actually collected a lot of cool analog gear.”

The new album, released by local label Magnaphone Records, is the Boxcar Suite’s first vinyl release.

“We recorded more songs than we put on the record,” Pritchard said. “Once we knew which songs were going to be on the record, we knew pretty quickly which ones were keepers. Some of those decisions were made based on how much material we wanted on the album versus what would actually fit within those boundaries.

“There’s just something about the sound of vinyl,” he added. “It’s really about what the vinyl imparts to any recording that makes it special. It makes everything a little fatter and more impactful. I’m super excited. None of the bands I’ve played in have ever had any vinyl. This is our first venture and it’s totally worth it.”