These ‘sky penis’ ornaments (bearing a Navy jet) are up for grabs



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These ‘sky penis’ ornaments (bearing a Navy jet) are up for grabs

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PLANEFORM's EA-18G Growler Sky 'Art' Christmas Ornament."

You know what might look good next to your vagina ornament? A penis ornament bearing a Navy jet.

Some people cried no fair! when we wrote last week about the vagina ornaments Heart Mercantile is selling at its Oregon District store, 438 E. Fifth St.

“Where are the penis ornaments?” some asked? Thanks to the pop culture gods, we found some.

A few weeks ago, a Navy airman in a EA-18G Growler with Electronic Attack Squadron 130 known as “The Zappers” drew a peen (that’s slang for “penis”) in the skies over Okanogan County, Wash.

From a Washington Post story on “Sky Penis”:

Residents of Washington state turned their eyes to a clear blue sky Thursday and found themselves staring at a cartoonish rendering of male genitalia, sketched in airplane exhaust by at least one Navy EA-18G Growler jet. 


The image stretched hundreds of feet high over the Okanogan Highlands, based on photographs shared on social media. It has spawned a full Navy investigation, with a senior officer, Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, promising to examine the issue fully and respond.

Planeform, a “fabricator of custom metal art/furniture/novelty items,” seized on the opportunity with its EA-18G Growler Sky 'Art' Christmas Ornament.

The description of the $10 ornament (it was orginially $5) reads: 

 Bring some Holiday Cheer with PLANEFORM custom Christmas Ornaments -- this wood ornament is exactly what it looks like. Precisely laser cut using our Epilog CNC Laser, you'll get an amazingly accurate depiction of the most ridiculous moment in aviation for all of 2017.

The ornament has captured the Interweb’s heart. 

In case you are wondering, Heart Mercantile’s vagina ornaments are a big hit, too. 

Earlier this week co-owner Brittany Smith told this news organization that ornaments made by Etsy merchants Jacquelyn Marcella and Rebecca Mare Gonzalez were selling like hotcakes. 

The shop quickly sold out of its original supply and restocked with 150 more felt vaginas. 

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