Spoonfuls of this snack could benefit adults with high blood pressure

In the realm of snacks, yogurt has always been considered one of the healthier options. But is it so healthy, it can help lower risk of cardiovascular disease?

A study published earlier this month in American Journal of Hypertension (Oxford University Press) concluded that both men and women suffering from high blood pressure could potentially improve their heart health with regular yogurt consumption.

The study involved over 55,000 female and over 18,000 male participants, all of whom had “prevalent” high blood pressure, according to the study, which found that “yogurt intake was inversely associated” with cardiovascular disease risk.

Its final conclusion: “Hypertensive men and women who consumed (at least) 2 servings/week of yogurt, especially in the context of a healthy diet, were at lower risk for developing (cardiovascular disease).”

In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that about 75 million Americans had high blood pressure; in late 2017, updated guidelines by the American Heart Association upped that number to more than 100 million, according to CBS News — more than half of all U.S. adults. The World Health Organization says that 1.13 billion people are affected worldwide.

Dairy products have previously been found to show positive correlation with cardiovascular health, according to a writeup by research news website Science Daily, but some scientists hypothesize that yogurt in particular may have its own, independent benefits.

In addition to carrying healthy doses of vital nutrients, Greek yogurt in particular can be a good source of protein for those attempting to lose weight. It can also help aid the immune system and fight the flu, according to The Mercury News.

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