K12 Gallery and TEJAS need art supplies

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Dayton’s wonderful art facility for children and teens is gearing up for the new school year. You can’t help but notice K12 Gallery’s colorful building when you’re driving by the corner of South Jefferson St. and Patterson Blvd.

K12 and TEJAS (Teen Educational and Joint Adult Studio) hold daily classes and workshops for Dayton’s children, teenager and adults.

“Our goal here is to embolden artists to touch lives and transform the community through the creation of art,” says founder and executive director Jerri Stanard. “Art can give people hope, even in …. especially in difficult times. We need art now more than ever.”

The visual arts center offers art classes, in school and after school art education programs, summer art camps, field trips, professional exhibitions, public art, workshops, community outreach, and art parties for all ages. More than 30,000 people attended programs and classes through K12 Gallery and TEJAS through the main site and the organization’s various outreach programs.

The non-profit organization brings together people from all types of backgrounds. Visitors are encouraged to stop by to view exhibitions, a sales gallery and artists at work in their studios.


“These new supplies are sorely needed to ensure that young and inspiring artists have the tools they need to express their hopes and dreams in a creative and positive environment,” says Stanard.

School Supplies

• Pencils

• Colored Pencils

• Electric pencil sharpeners used in 15 schools plus all six studios

• Sharpie markers (black and all colors)

• Push pins

• Staplers and Staples

• Four new computers with big hard drives

• Xerox paper

• Dark room photo paper

• Dark room chemicals

• Street art spray paint

• Matt board

• Scissors

• Rulers

• Masking tape

• Crayons

• Glue

• Markers

• Acrylic / Tempera paint

• Watercolor Paints

• Paper (construction, drawing, card-stock, printer)

• Paint Brushes

• Masking Tape

Cleaning Supplies

• Trash bags

• Paper towels (both paper and cloth)

• Toilet Paper

• Miscellaneous cleaning products

Food Supplies

• Coffee

• Cookies

• Punch

• Snacks

• Popcorn for large popcorn machine

• Cotton candy machine (industrial size)

Donations can be dropped off at K12 Gallery and TEJAS at 341 S. Jefferson St. during normal operating hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.


K12 and TEJAS are always in need of volunteers. You can also help by contributing to “This Building Inspires,” a campaign designed to provide funds for upgrades and modifications to the building.

“Our new building is over 35,000 square feet and over 100 years old,” explains Stanard. “There is a tremendous sense of history and creative energy here but this building is not without its challenges. We are trying to upgrade this building so that it can last another 100 years, and inspire generations of artists to come.”

The organization is also seeking funds for a new HVAC unit that will provide air conditioning to the building.

For more information: http://k12tejasgallery.org/ or call (937) 461-5149

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