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United Way’s Volunteer Connection

K-3 Reading Buddy

Dakota Center (

Reading Tutor

Objective/Position Description: To provide reading help for students in kindergarten through third grade so that they can master necessary skills and strive for excellence in academics and beyond.


- Meet with students for group and/or one-on-one reading sessions.

- Assist students with assigned work or practice in subject areas.

- Guide students in problem solving and completion of curricular assignments.

- Discuss learner and/or program concerns with the coordinator.

Qualifications: Patience, enthusiasm, strong desire to help students achieve their potential, knowledge of subject area(s); teaching degree is not required

Training/preparations: Attend an interview and orientation/training session prior to beginning volunteer work

Time requirements: One to two hours per week, typically Monday or Wednesday between 2 and 6 p.m.

Length of commitment: Three months minimum


Project READ Member; Volunteer Coordinator; Afterschool Coordinator.

Note: All tutors aged 18+ must pass a criminal background check before tutoring students.

Please go online to to sign up for this opportunity.