Airplane transported through Greene County, scheduled to arrive at WPAFB today

An airplane being transported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is scheduled to finish its three-day journey to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base today.

The oversized load started its trip Monday in Wilmington and is being transported by Ball and Sons Movers, according to the Greene County Engineer’s Office.

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The last leg of the airplane’s journey is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. today and will travel from Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, turning left onto Kauffman Avenue, and then onto Skyline Drive at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

On Tuesday, the plane took Old Highway 35 to Highway 68 and then Highway 235 to Dayton Yellow Springs Road.

Ohio State Highway Patrol is escorting the movers and the plane. Traffic and power lines have to be taken down or raised as the airplane makes its way through the area.

The load is 150 feet long, 22 feet wide and 19 feet high and has a gross weight of 124,000 pounds. The airplane will be used as a simulator for nurses and doctors treated injured soldiers, according to the engineer’s office.

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