UPDATE: Greene County mailing corrected ballots to some voters


Board of Elections vendor mailed ballot for wrong political party to nearly 200 voters

Some voters in Greene County received an absentee ballot for the wrong political party in the mail for the May 3 primary.

The Greene County Board of Elections said about 185 people were affected by a clerical error on the part of ElectionIQ, a vendor company for the county. The Board of Elections sent out correct ballots to 332 people, to cover everyone that could possibly have been affected.

Board officials said they learned of the error on Friday and have been “working to swiftly correct the issue.”

“We have requested vendors send copies of all ballots that go out, to verify they are all correct,” board of elections director Alisha Beeler said.

Correct ballots, along with an explanation and instructions, were mailed Saturday, and voters should receive them early this week, Beeler added.

The issue does not affect voters who vote in person at the board of elections.

Voters who received the incorrect ballot in the mail should contact the board of elections for instructions on what to do with the incorrect ballot. Only one ballot — the corrected ballot mailed to the affected voters — will be counted for each voter.

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If the first, incorrect ballot is submitted, the board of elections will contact the voter individually for verification.

“It was dealt with swiftly and correctly,” Beeler said, adding that the board had been in contact with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on the matter.

This is not the first time Greene County has had to issue corrections regarding election material. In October 2021, postcards were sent to Greene County voters to alert them of a polling place change but had the election date incorrectly listed as Nov. 3, rather than Nov. 2.

Any voters concerned about this issue or who have questions can contact the elections board at 937-562-6170.

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