City of Trotwood seeks voter approval of tax levy renewal for fire, EMS services

TROTWOOD — Voters in Trotwood will be asked this May to approve the renewal of a 4.15-mill levy for the purpose of funding city fire and emergency medical services.

First approved in 2013, this 4.15-mill levy has been renewed once, for a five-year period, in 2018. According to City Manager Quincy Pope, this tax generates around $989,000 annually.

This time, the city is asking voters to approve the levy on a permanent basis, eliminating the need for future renewal requests.

“This levy is all encompassing for personnel, equipment, vehicles, trainings, and essentially all areas that allow us to do our job,” said Deputy Fire and EMS Chief Chad McInturff. “Denial of this renewal will impact every area of our ability to provide services.”

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The renewal will not raise the tax rate and, if approved, will allow fire and EMS staffing levels to remain fixed while allowing for the maintenance and upgrading of equipment, according to Pope.

“(This levy) allows Trotwood Fire & Rescue to keep current fire stations and equipment in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” he said.

Revenue from the levy also provides funding necessary for community and school education programs and for continuing education for personnel, Pope said.

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In 2021, Trotwood voters approved a similar request for renewal of a five-year, 5.75-mill operating levy. That levy funds about 60% of the city’s police services, as well as administrative, planning and zoning, parks and recreations, and other essential services.

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