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Animal welfare

The Combined Federal Campaign is the federal government’s official workplace-giving campaign, allowing employees and retirees to pledge monetary support and volunteer time to approved charities. This year’s campaign runs until Jan. 15 under the theme of “Show Some Love: Be the Face of Change.” Federal workers can contribute to any of the thousands of participating charities by visiting the online pledge portal at

This week’s cause: Animal welfare

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Animals enrich our lives. Pets provide love and companionship and can improve our physical, emotional and mental health. Service and working animals make our lives easier and complete tasks that would be infinitely harder without them. Wild animals are a part of the intricate and interconnected world that makes life possible for humans on earth.

Animal charities are unique in the fact that they support the voiceless. The homeless animals in our communities cannot ask for help, nor can national treasures such as the bald eagle. They rely on nonprofit organizations to protect them and their environment. Companion animals need shelter and loving forever homes.

“When you support 501(c)(3) nonprofit humane societies or credible rescues you are providing animals with quality medical care, nourishing food and protection from cruel or neglectful situations,” said the marketing manager of a local animal anti-cruelty organization founded in 1902 that services all types of pets and fights animal cruelty and neglect.

“In the Miami Valley there are tens of thousands of stray animals. This means there are many types of animals needing help,” she said. “From a malnourished horse that is being neglected to a litter of kittens abandoned in the cold, your support can help ensure all animals are valued and free from suffering.”

The senior marketing manager of a local pet adoption and wellness center agreed.

“Supporting animal welfare organizations means you are providing the necessary care for thousands of animals in their care and in your community every year. Your generous donation provides services, medical care, staffing and more to ensure no animal is left behind.”

There is a great need for monetary support for animal welfare organizations, she said.

In 2020, pet adoptions were up across the United States, and many analysts attribute the surge to the initial lockdown and working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she continued.

“Your support can save lives. From removing animals from abusive situations to providing second chances to animals looking for their perfect, loving family, your support directly impacts an animal’s life,” said the animal anti-cruelty organization marketing manager.

But she cautioned to be careful when choosing an animal charity. There are many animal rescues and charities on a local, regional and national level.

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Want to know more about the Combined Federal Campaign? Please use your digital device to scan this QR (Quick Response) code.

Want to know more about the Combined Federal Campaign? Please use your digital device to scan this QR (Quick Response) code.

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Want to know more about the Combined Federal Campaign? Please use your digital device to scan this QR (Quick Response) code.

“When you choose to give, figure out what is important to you. Look at how established an organization is. Have they been helping pets for a long time and have a success record that shows they use donors’ funds responsibly?

“Also check their Charity Navigator or Guidestar ratings before you give. These are both third-party watchdog groups that evaluate nonprofit organizations to ensure funds are used ethically.

“Lastly, where do your passions lie? Are you looking for an organization that is no-kill or open-intake? Does your organization focus on just one or two species of animals (such as cats and dogs) or do you want to help local organizations that help all types of animals (such as cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, snakes, etc.).

“Is there a certain program such as trap-neuter-return or animal cruelty investigations that you find important? Does your organization have these programs?

“It is always good to do a little research on your organization so you are confident in who you are giving to and understand where your donations will directly go,” she concluded.

Many CFC charities dedicate their efforts to protecting all creatures, large and small. A CFC contribution will benefit a wide variety of domesticated and wildlife animals.

Still time to ‘Show Some Love’

The annual Combined Federal Campaign push at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and other local federal entities concluded Nov. 20. But don’t worry – donors can contribute until Jan. 15. Our contributions support thousands of local, regional, national and international charities.

The global theme for the fourth year in a row is “Show Some Love.”

“There isn’t anything that better states CFC’s strategy and focus,” said Susy Himelhoch, director, Dayton District CFC.

“Needs continue everywhere and the COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many people, disrupting the lives of the old and young alike, families and emergency responders,” she said. “Many affected lack even the basic necessities – shelter, food and medicine.”

“It is important that the communities where we live and work have the support needed to maintain, improve and often restore their vitality – for all,” she said.

She pointed out that CFC-approved charities provide programs and services that also support veterans, active duty military and their families, environmental concerns and fine and performing arts organizations.

To “Be the Face of Change”, please visit (click “Donate” button) to learn about volunteer opportunities and to contribute.

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