COMMUNITY GEM: Harrison Twp. woman key to projects helping local children

Tina Fiore helps with schools, Kiwanis, “Love Northridge” and other efforts

Tina Fiore said she is dedicated to helping children of Harrison Twp. have better lives because it’s her “sole purpose to be on this earth.”

The 52-year-old mother of three, who was born and raised in the community, is a member of the Harrison Twp. Board of Zoning Appeals. She’s been involved with Kiwanis Club of Northridge since 2014 and is its president-elect with a term that starts Oct. 1.

She also has headed up the “Love Northridge” Facebook page for two years and “promotes just about everything to do with the school across Facebook,” according to Ken Jarosik, who nominated her to be a Dayton Daily News Community Gem.

Fiore also plans and runs the parade and the new Community Fair after the parade at the school with her board of volunteers, “but she ends up being lead for the event,” he said.

Jarosik said he nominated Fiore because “she has a huge heart and loves to give back to her community.”

“She is my go-to person to find out what’s happening in the Northridge area of Harrison Twp.,” he said.

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Fiore, upon learning she was nominated for the honor, said she was “very touched and surprised.”

“I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it because I truly love Northridge and its children,” she said.

Besides the aforementioned boards and activities, Fiore also plans the Easter Egg hunt under “Love Northridge” and just became a member of the Northridge Schools Core Team Strategic Planning Committee this summer. She’s also part of the committee working to plan a “Trunk or Treat” in conjunction with Northridge schools.

“Even though she is currently not on the school board, she volunteers to go with Margie Glock to school board training events put on by the Ohio School Board Association and ensures she gets to all the trainings,” Jarosik said.

Fiore said she got started with helping out around the community “so very long ago” when her now 28-year-old daughter was in the second grade.

“I started a Girl Scout troop and I was Girl Scout leader for 15 years, and had a group of second graders, 24 of them,” she said. “So I led them all the way through their senior year of high school and then I got involved in all of the music boosters and I helped to run that for the whole time all three of my children were in there. Then, a few years after, I still volunteer in the concession stands for them.”

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Fiore said it is important for her to be involved in so much around Harrison Twp. “because if there is a way that I can be helpful enough to make a difference for our community, then I’m there.”

“I know, deep down, it is my sole purpose to be on this earth to help our children in this community have better lives, and so to do that, that’s a multifaceted thing,” she said. “You just have to be able to get along with everyone and help in all areas. It’s just so important.”

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