COMMUNITY GEM: Woman acts on kind thoughts, helps improve others’ lives via kindness

Lu Musselman is a lifelong volunteer who serves her community and church in numerous ways.

Her compassion for people can be seen daily as Musselman, 82, of Miami Twp., helps with church groups and hosts groups, often opening her home regularly for group meetings and fellowship gatherings.

Seeing a need in her community, Lu was instrumental in organizing Hope29:11, a ministry that worked with the incarcerated women in Dayton Correctional Institute and its STOP program by providing personal care clothing and household items for many women reentering society, as well as giving spiritual support and emotional support.

When the pandemic temporarily suspended operations a year-and-a-half ago due to lack of funding, she started leading those involved with the ministry to assist OneFifteen group, a rehab drug and alcohol center by UC Arena.

“I think the Lord just leads me, and I just know when to step out and take his lead, I guess, and I just do things,” Musselman said. " Our point here on earth is to be good Christians, and to learn how to be disciples. We just have to know if a thought comes to us, that we have to act on that. because it has to be the Lord’s will that we do that, so that’s what I do.”

Dee England said she nominated Musselman as a Dayton Daily News Community Gem because she is “an inspiration and motivator for kindness.”

“She is a lifelong volunteer who has helped improve life for many people she has touched,” England said “She doesn’t hesitate to take on projects with challenging problems, like incarceration and addiction recovery. She is truly compassionate about making a difference in this world.”

Musselman also is compassionate about being actively involved in her neighborhood, volunteering as Welcoming Committee person and visiting new people, and bringing baked cookies and needed HOA information when welcoming them to the neighborhood.

“I came from a family that was very hospitable,” she said. “We never knew who was going to be at our table at any point in time and Mom and Dad always opened their home to people and did things for them and I guess I just grew up knowing that and I just do that (myself).”

Musselman also is volunteer organizer for Information Center at Southbrook Christian Church.

“Her services are important in helping greet people and are a big part of Southbrook,” England said. “Everyone knows Lu as ‘Ms. Santa ‘as she greets people at Christmas time at Southbrook’s Community Wide Program. She always has a warm smile and, of course, candy canes for the children.”

Twenty years ago, Musselman started a group at the church called the Hospitality Committee, which is tasked with greeting people.

She said she was “totally blown away” to be nominated by England as a Community Gem.

“That was very, very kind of her,” she said.

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