Coronavirus: 45% of state population fully vaccinated

Credit: Will Jones

Credit: Will Jones

In the past 24 hours, 5,260 people completed their coronavirus vaccine, bringing the completely vaccinated population to 5,267,664 people, or just over 45% of the state population. The Ohio Department of Health reported that 3,573 people started their vaccine in the past day, bringing the partially vaccinated population to 5,626,500 people, or 48.13% of the state population.

The state has reported 231 new coronavirus cases, bringing the case average to 255 cases per day. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the ODH has reported 1,114,267 cases.

The ODH reported 10 new hospitalizations in the past day. The 21-day average for daily hospitalizations is 36 people per day, the ODH reported. Currently, 224 people are hospitalized with COVID-19, the Ohio Hospital Association reported, or about one in 83 patients.

The COVID-19 vaccines have overwhelmingly kept those immunized out of the hospital, with evidence continuing to build that shows the vaccines provide highly effective protection against getting severely ill.

In a recent analysis of one of the largest Ohio hospital networks, Cleveland Clinic, early data shows from January to mid-April, 99% of patients admitted for COVID-19 were not fully vaccinated.

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