Coronavirus: 92,087 cases, 3,515 deaths in Ohio

There have been 92,087 cases and 3,515 deaths from coronavirus reported in Ohio as of Saturday, August 1, according to the Ohio Department of Health. A total of 928 new cases were reported today.

87,218 cases and 3,246 deaths have been confirmed by the state. A total of 10,857 people have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic. 67,319 people are presumed to have recovered.

Yesterday, a total of 1,500 cases were reported in a day and on Thursday, July 30, a total of 1,733 new cases were reported. Yesterday, a total of 47 deaths were reported, a high number compared to the 21 day average of 22 deaths per day.

Yesterday, Ohio lawmakers passed an emergency rule that will cut off liquor sales at 10 p.m. to help stop the spread of the virus. Any drinks purchased must be consumed by 11 p.m.

Attorney Ed Hastie, who represents liquor permit holders, said, “Clients are going to be ruined by this.”

He told the commission that enforcement actions should be taken against the small number of bars and restaurants that are ignoring rules.

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