Coronavirus: Over 10,000 cases reported Saturday

Today marks the second day in a row that Ohio has reported more than 10,000 new cases. Hospitalizations rose by 286 today and the state reported 64 more deaths.

The Ohio Department of Health reported 10,469 new cases today. The current 21 day average for cases is 8,438. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 467,432 cases have been reported, alongside 28,959 hospitalizations, 4,870 intensive care unit admissions and 6,946 deaths.

Currently, 4,978 people are in the hospital with coronavirus, about a fourth of all hospital patients. A third of all intensive care unit patients across Ohio are COVID-19 positive, totaling 1,163 people, the Ohio Hospital Association showed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers new guidelines that call for fewer days in quarantine for those who may have been exposed but are not showing symptoms.

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, the Ohio Department of Health’s chief medical officer, discussed the CDC’s new guidelines Friday afternoon during Gov. Mike DeWine’s video news conference.

The new guidance calls for a 10-day quarantine if the exposure did not require testing and there are no symptoms, and a seven-day quarantine if COVID-19 test results are negative and there are no symptoms.

The 10-day period may be sufficient, however, Vanderhoff recommends that Ohioans consider getting tested on day eight or later to increase certainty of no infection. Quarantine can then end at the conclusion of the 10-day period.

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