Darke County softball coach accused of threatening players for nude photos

A Darke County softball coach is facing federal charges after he reportedly texted players and demanded they send him nude images of themselves.

Matthew Shoffstall was indicted on one count each of receipt of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography, interstate threats (extortion) and attempted tampering with evidence in May, according to U.S. District Court Southern District of Ohio records.

In an order granting pretrial detention for Shoffstall last week, Magistrate Judge Caroline Gentry noted Shoffstall coached a middle school softball team and is accused of texting several girls on the team for nude photos.

“He allegedly used threats and intimidation to coerce these minor children into complying with his demands,” the order read. “He allegedly tried to procure access to one or more minor children so that he could engage in sexual conduct with them.”

Shoffstall also reportedly tried to wipe his cell phone remotely to remove evidence.

Gentry wrote Shoffstall has a limited criminal history and had a stable residence and employment prior to his arrest. However, she ultimately granted the prosecution’s request for pretrial detention, noting the safety of the community.

Shoffstall was previously associated with the Greenville Girls Softball Association. He has not been affiliated with the group since October 2023.

The case originated with the Preble County Sheriff’s Office before it was determined the incident took place in Darke County. It was then transferred to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office on April 14.

Shoffstall was arrested on April 18, according to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. He was indicted for pandering obscenity, extortion and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor on April 19 in Darke County Common Pleas Court.

The case was dismissed in common pleas court days after he was indicted in federal court. The investigation has since been taken over by the FBI.

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