Dayton breaks 31-year record for rainfall Wednesday

Dayton set a new maximum rainfall record after storms moved through the region Wednesday.

The city reported 1.15 inches of rain, breaking the 31-year-old record of 1.07 inches, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington. The record for April 13 was previously set in 1991.

Storms moved through the region yesterday, with strong winds and the thunderstorms hitting the Dayton area late Wednesday. Winds downed multiple trees and power lines in Kentucky and Indiana, with NWS issuing multiple Tornado Warnings for parts of the states. No tornadoes have been confirmed at this time.

With clear, sunny skies forecasted for today, it’s unlikely Dayton will break the 100-year-old record for maximum rainfall for April 14. The record was set in 1922 with 2.16 inches, according to NWS.

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