Dayton to add new electric vehicle charging stations: What you need to know

Electric vehicle charging stations will be coming to several new downtown Dayton locations at a time when electric-powered cars are surging in popularity and the city wants to become more environmentally sustainable.

Dayton plans to place the chargers in strategic public and private locations where people congregate and where they have things to do as they wait for their vehicles to be juiced up, said Mark Charles, Dayton’s sustainability manager.

“We also want to address owners living in rental properties and visitors who may wish to drive an (electric vehicle) to Dayton,” he said, noting that many people with electric cars have charging stations at home.

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New chargers are expected to be installed along Monument Avenue, near Day Air Ballpark where the Dayton Dragons play.

Two charging stations already are in operation on North Patterson Boulevard, across from the ballpark.

New chargers will go in at East Second and North St. Clair streets, near the Dayton Metro Library and Cooper Park.

Others will be installed near East Fourth and South Main streets, close to the Levitt Pavilion Dayton and the Dayton Arcade.

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Also, chargers will be put in at the Oregon District Parking Lot off East Fifth Street and near the Dayton Art Institute.

“We expect future chargers will be added at another half dozen locations near downtown,” Charles said.

Dayton partnered with a Cincinnati-based company called Electrada to apply for charging stations, and they recently entered into an agreement to give the company permission to install the chargers in the right of way.

The city will bear no cost for the installation or operation of the charging stations, city staff said.

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The city owns two charging units in the City Hall parking garage and others in a water department parking lot.

Motorists usually only need a credit card to pay to charge up their electric vehicles.

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