Brookville voters reject levies for parks, streets — again

Credit: India Duke

Credit: India Duke

Two proposed levies in Brookville — both rejected in previous elections — were rejected again Tuesday, according to unofficial Montgomery County Board of Elections results.

Voters rejected an additional 3.85-mill levy for streets and bridges with 58% voting against the measure, according to final unofficial results Tuesday.

By a slightly greater margin, 60%, voted against a 0.96-mill levy to keep up the city’s six parks and increase recreational options, according to early absentee results.

If the streets levy would have passed, the city planned to restore a resurfacing program abandoned about four years ago, said Brookville City Manager Sonja Keaton.

In 2017, over 80% of voters rejected a 2.5-mill levy request for streets. It gained more votes in 2020 but still was defeated with more than 52% against the measure.

Keaton also said earlier if the levies didn’t pass the city would have to make some decisions, which could include cuts, Keaton said.

“Council will have to decide if they want to put property tax levies on the November ballot, or seek additional funding through changes to our existing income tax and/or make major cuts,” she said. “Additional cutbacks will not be necessary if the levies pass.”

The levy request for road and bridge work would have cost the owner of a $100,000 home $134.75 a year. It would bring in $474,447 a year for five years.

The 0.96-mill parks and recreation levy, on the ballot for a second time, would have cost the owner of a $100,000 home $33.60 a year. If approved, it would generate $118,304 a year for the city for five years and would pay for maintaining parks, equipment and add new recreational opportunities, according to the city.

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