Grant paying for majority of new Centerville hiker biker path

Centerville is planning to construct a multi-use trail to enhance an already existing biking amenity.

The path will be constructed on East Franklin Street from North Johanna to Clyo Road and on Clyo Road from East Franklin to Alex Bell Road.

“Our goal is to create a bicycle-friendly connected trail that is part of the larger biking network,” City Engineer Jim Brinegar said of the $1.3 million project. “Widening this trail makes it more accessible and convenient.”

A federal grant of $768,679 will pay for 79% of the $973,011 in construction costs. That funding came through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission Carbon Reduction Fund. The remaining 21%, or $204,332, will be paid by local funds, along with $145,952 in design costs and $100,00 in right-of-way acquisition costs.

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All of the local share funds are included in Centerville’s current budget.

In order to receive the grant funding and proceed with the project, the Ohio Department of Transportation required that an agreement be made with Centerville, which is acting as the Local Project Authority (LPA). Centerville City Council voted unanimously last week to enter into a LPA agreement with ODOT to accept grant funding to proceed with the project.

Construction is expected to start in 2027.

“The ODOT process can be lengthy from project award to construction,” Brinegar said. “There really is no delay here.”

The Clyo Road Hiker Biker Extension will begin at the northeast corner of East Alex Bell Road and Clyo Road and continue southward on the east side of Clyo Road to the southeast corner of Centerville Station Road, East Franklin Street, and Clyo Road, according to the city.

The path is approximately 5,600 feet, or 1.06 miles, in length. The project will replace the existing five-foot wide sidewalk with a 10-foot-wide hiker biker path and upgrade the intersections with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pads that align with a hiker biker path, city officials said.

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Tree planting also will take place on the city-owned property between Millerton Drive and Centerville Station Road.

The East Franklin Street Hiker Biker Path will begin at the northwest corner of East Franklin Street and North Johanna Drive and is proposed on the southside of East Franklin Street between North Johanna Drive and Clyo Road, officials said. The path is approximately 2,800 feet, or 0.53 miles, in length. The project will replace the existing five-foot wide sidewalk with a 10-foot-wide hiker biker path and upgrade intersections and curb cuts with ADA pads that align with a hiker biker path.

The hiker biker extension will connect to existing hiker biker trails on Alex Bell Road, Centerville Station Road, Clyo Road, and bike route 12.

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