Greene County has new director of the Board of Elections

Greene County has a new director for its Board of Elections.

Alisha Beeler, a Republican, took over the spot in June. She is a Washington state native who moved to Ohio at the end of April.

Beeler’s job in Washington was working for Kitsap County near Seattle, preparing people who had been charged with felonies for pretrial. She also ran for state representative in Washington last August but lost in the primary.

She has three Master’s degrees: one in political science, one in public administration and one in public policy. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in public policy through Liberty University.

“I have so much trust in the elections process here,” she said. “I didn’t have that back in Washington.”

She added: “It just seems like everything is evenly split. You walk into the office, and it’s evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.”

John Caupp, one of the Republican members of the Greene County Board of Elections, said he and the other Republican member, Janis Basham, went through the applications and chose which Republicans they wanted to interview. The entire four-member board went through the selection process after that.

Caupp, who is the former chair of the Board of Elections in Greene County, said only a few people who were qualified for the position applied for it, though he said he could not remember exactly how many applied.

He said Beeler had the best background of those who applied and she already lived in Greene County. Another person who applied who had experience in Ohio elections lived in Chardon, which is 300 miles away, Caupp said.

Now that Beeler is the Republican director, Doris Adams, a Democrat, became the chair of the board.

Caupp said those who have met Beeler so far, including the secretary of state and the deputy secretary of state, seemed impressed with her.

“She’s been very well received so far by our by our elected officials and the people that have met her,” he said.

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