Greene County joins others offering remote work option in competitive job market

Some county employees will have more flexibility; Perales commits that change will not reduce services.

Greene County government offices have implemented permanent policies for remote work and alternative schedules in a bid to remain competitive in a tight labor market.

The policy allows for staff that report to the board of commissioners to work four 10-hour days, or “flex hours” that still add up to 40 per week, or work remotely. The new policy will be rolled out next week on a trial basis, and those who choose alternative schedules will be locked in for four months.

The new policy doesn’t apply to offices of other elected officials, such as the sheriff’s or engineer’s offices, but those divisions can choose to adopt those policies, Greene County Administrator Brandon Huddleson said.

“Nowadays workers are demanding more work-life balance,” Huddleson told commissioners Thursday. “We care about our employees as well, and want to extend the same to them.”

The changes come as Greene County is seeking to recruit and retain staff. Other county governments have implemented similar policies. Clark County implemented a permanent work-from-home policy after the pandemic, while in Montgomery County, remote work has always been a management option and it has always been voluntary, per assistant director of communications Kevin Lavoie.

“We learned during COVID that this works effectively for us as an employer and for employees,” said Clark County assistant administrator Michelle Noble.

Greene County currently has 19 open positions, not including correctional officers or jail staff, according to its website.

“Not everybody’s going to have a telework option, but for those that do, this policy outlines that program,” Huddleson said.

Commissioners said that the changes would not affect levels of service in the county.

“Our services to our customers and constituents will be as good, if not better. That’s our commitment on this.” commissioner Rick Perales said.

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