Hello weekend! Gorgeous weather, fall color on tap for days

November and colder temperatures may be around the corner, but not before the Dayton area gets a glorious weekend that could include the last stretch of 70-degree days this year.

The National Weather Service is predicting nothing but sunshine and highs between 75 and 77 degrees for four straight days Saturday through Tuesday.

Scores of local residents got a jump on the weekend in Friday’s sunshine, walking their dogs, enjoying happy hours on patios, and checking out the dazzling fall colors that peaked this week.

Will this be the last truly warm stretch of the year? It’s too early to tell. Last year, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data, the last day that it got over 70 degrees was Oct. 21 (a high of 72 that day). But it varies from year to year — in 2020, we had a heat wave in early November with several days over 70.

Normal high and low temperatures for the next four days are around 63 and 43, so we’re on track for 10-15 degrees warmer than normal.

As nice as the weather will be, no records are likely to be broken in the Dayton area, as the record high temperatures for those days are in the low 80s.

It’s a weekend full of local events for the great weather — sports like the weekend-long Haunted Classic soccer tournament in Beavercreek, annual community gatherings like Saturday’s Dia de Muertos parade downtown, hitting the trails at spots from Friday’s Dayton Daily News Fall Hiking Guide, or heading to the Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow on Monday night.

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