Here are the local cities where you can’t set off fireworks this year

As the Fourth of July approaches for the first time since Ohio changed its fireworks law, cities are reminding residents that the rules now vary depending on where you live.

A new state law allows Ohioans to set off consumer-grade fireworks on certain designated days — including July 3-5, and the weekends immediately before and after, from 4 to 11 p.m. each of those days.

Several cities in the region have passed their own ordinances that ban setting off fireworks:

The cities include:








Dayton police are reminding the public that setting off fireworks is illegal in the city despite the new state law.

“Every year the use of fireworks results in injury, death and property damage, and the city of Dayton has not been immune to these tragic situations,” said Maj. Jason Hall, patrol operations division and bomb squad commander. “As this goal relates to the use of fireworks in the city of Dayton, we are hoping to gain voluntary compliance with the city ordinance prohibiting the use of fireworks.”

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