Kroger proposes giant Marketplace store in Miamisburg

Kroger is looking to expand in a Dayton area community by replacing a more than 25-year-old storefront with a new Marketplace.

A concept site plan submitted for the proposed development of the 155 N. Heincke Road site in Miamisburg shows a 124,000-square-foot Kroger Marketplace and a fueling station. If approved, the store would be part of the “complete redevelopment” of two properties — the existing 6.84 acres that houses an existing 66,840-square-foot Kroger and a 21.67-acre lot to the north that contains Groby Field.

The existing Kroger was constructed in 1995, according to Montgomery County Auditor’s Office records. Along with groceries, the Marketplace stores typically provide items that range from prepared food to general merchandise including toys, clothing and home goods.

Input from the city’s Planning Commission during a study session Monday will be used by the applicant to “tweak” the plan before an official application to rezone a portion of the site is submitted, according to a Miamisburg staff report.

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Efforts have been made to shift many of the site’s more intense uses, including parking and a fueling station, further south on the site and across the street from commercial uses, according to the report, which called those changes “preferable” and “a welcome design proposal.”

Ryan Homsi, Miamisburg’s City Planner, said Thursday that there are no meetings regarding the project scheduled at that time because the city does not officially have an application.

“Any future meetings likely won’t occur until April, assuming we get an application sometime over the next week or two,” Homsi said.

The last employment figure Miamisburg received from the Cincinnati-based grocer was 269 employees, a statistic published in the city’s 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, according to Chris Fine, Miamisburg’s development director.

“That is likely a combination of full-time, part-time, and any seasonal hiring they may do throughout the year,” Fine said.

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