Like tabletop games? Try these games from Dayton-area creators

The Dayton Daily News recently reported on how tabletop gaming is becoming a huge cottage industry in the region, including local game creators, game shops and gaming hangouts.

Here are a few examples of board games from three successful Dayton-area creators. Pick them up at local game stores. Know of a game from a local creator that’s not on the list, let us know about it by emailing reporter London Bishop at

Façade Games

Salem 1692 - Accuse, defend, or put your fellow players on trial for witchcraft, in a card game in the style of the classic Werewolf or Mafia games.

Tortuga 1667 - Players hold a secret loyalty to the British or French, and must gather the most treasure before the Spanish Armada arrives.

Deadwood 1876 - A Wild West adventure about using cards to steal safes from other players, before advancing to the final showdown.

Dusty Tophat Games

Butts in Space - A humorous game about collecting all the toilet paper in the universe before time runs out.

Beard Wizards - Use cards to cast spells, grow your beard, and become the most powerful wizard.

Ultimate Aquarium - Decorate your aquarium with colorful fish, playing cards to score points.

Dolphin Hat Games

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - A fun, fast-paced card game where players race to ‘slap’ a match between a card and a spoken word.

Gimme That! - A fast-paced roll-and-write of stealing pencils and mashing potatoes.

800 Pound Gorilla - Players spin the spinner, find the right-size gorilla, and race to take the coconut and bananas.