Major changes coming to U.S. 35 and Trebein intersection

Traffic on Trebein already at 12,000-14,000 cars a day, expected to grow with increased development

BEAVERCREEK TWP. — What is now a single stoplight that governs a major highway and two highly traveled Beavercreek Twp. roads will be a major interchange come 2025.

The federally funded project to upgrade the intersection between U.S. 35, Trebein and Valley roads goes to bid in January, and is expected to start construction in March, and will take two years to complete.

Current construction cost estimates have increased to $36.5 million, which was re-evaluated this month due to inflation. Greene County’s 20% local match of the funds has jumped to $7.3 million, and the portion from the State of Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council is now $29.2 million.

A new bridge over U.S. 35 will carry northbound and southbound traffic between Trebein and Valley roads. The intersection will be moved slightly towards Xenia, and configured in such a way as to avoid the Little Miami Scenic River, which runs parallel to Trebein and Valley on the west side.

For westbound U.S. 35 traffic, vehicles will exit to Trebein Road and enter from Trebein Road via a pair of straight ramps set tight against the north side of U.S. 35, feeding to and from an intersection on the new bridge over U.S. 35.

For eastbound U.S. 35 traffic, vehicles exiting onto Valley Road will go just past the new bridge and take a traditional semicircle exit ramp, connecting to Valley at an intersection a bit farther south of the bridge. Traffic from Valley to eastbound U.S. 35 will enter via a ramp from that same spot.

Greene County Engineer Stephanie Goff said both exit intersections will start without traffic lights, but will be configured in such a way that the signals can be added if traffic volume calls for them. Similarly, the bridge over U.S. 35 will start at three lanes, but will be built so it can easily transition to five lanes if needed.

ODOT and local governments have had the Trebein intersection project on the books for years. The intersection was first identified as needing improvement in 1976. Originally lumped together with the Factory Road and Orchard Lane Superstreet project, which opened to traffic last year, the projects were split apart due to funding.

The current intersection has several safety issues and suffers from congestion problems. During peak times, vehicles back up on Trebein beyond Dayton-Xenia Road to the north, up the hill to the U.S. 35 ramp to the east, as well as on U.S. 35 toward Dayton. Many safety improvements have been added to this intersection over the years, including flashing signs, but issues persist.

Truckers traveling west on U.S. 35 are often caught off-guard, as Trebein is the first traffic signal in 130 miles, or two hours, of traveling from Point Pleasant, W.Va. to Dayton, said Greene County Engineer Stephanie Goff.

“The types of crashes at Trebein are some of the most severe, because they’re usually truck vs. car,” Goff said.

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Currently, between 12,000 and 14,000 vehicles pass through the intersection each day, a number that is likely to grow with the host of new developments along Trebein. The intersection upgrade has already drawn significant attention from developers interested in acreage along U.S. 35.

Developers are required to submit studies that show how much traffic is coming in and out of each development, to know what improvements need to happen to Trebein to support those developments, both housing and commercial, Goff previously told the Dayton Daily News.

“We anticipate that a piece of (Trebein) could be up to five lanes when it’s fully built out,” Goff said.

Greene County commissioners voted Thursday to proceed with an eminent domain action on a small portion of the property of K.E. Shelton Excavating, to secure right-of-way for the U.S. 35 and Trebein Road upgrade.

The last time Greene County exercised an eminent domain action was in 2009, to build a connector between Factory Road and Orchard Lane. The commissioners also donated just over half an acre of land to the project.

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