Miami County voters approve renewal levies

Ohio Voted stickers. MARSHALL GORBY\STAFF
Ohio Voted stickers. MARSHALL GORBY\STAFF

TROY – Miami County voters Tuesday supported the renewal of levies for the Troy City Schools, Miami County Public Health and the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center along with a renewal and increase in property tax for Piqua’s Public Library, according to unofficial returns from the county Board of Elections.

LIVE RESULTS: Updated election totals for local issues, races

The Troy schools soght renewal of a 5.8-mill levy for district operations. The levy generates $3.7 million per year. Unofficial returns showed 72 percent of voters for the levy and 28 percent against.

Miami County Public Health is asking voters to approve a 0.4-mill levy for another 10 years. The levy is voted on countywide except in Piqua, which has its own health district, and Troy, where the city pays Public Health for services within the city limits. It generates around $500,000 a year.

The unofficial results showed the public health request with 75 percent in favor and 25 percent against.

The Piqua Public Library is seeking a five-year “renewal and increase” property tax levy. If approved, the existing 1.3-mill tax would continue, and a new 0.5 mills would be added. The cost for the owner of a

$100,000 home would rise from $34.96 per year to $52.46, according to the Miami County Auditor’s office. This would be the first increase in funding in 10 years. The unofficial final showed the library levy with 70 percent in favor and

30 percent against.

The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is asking voters to renew its 0.85-mill levy, which raises $592,000 a year, for another five years at the same rate. It would continue to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $21.41 per year.

The Hayner Center houses a community arts center featuring classes in art and other subjects, plus free year-round exhibits and concerts.

The unofficial returns showed 75 percent voting for the center’s levy and 25 percent against.

In Tipp City, voters were being asked to renew a 0.50 percent income tax for capital improvements for another 10 years. The unofficial returns had 74 percent supporting the income tax and 26 percent against it.


only contested political race in the county was for the Troy City Council 3rd Ward seat with the winner to replace retiring Councilman John Schweser. Republicans Joseph Girolamo and Samuel Pierce filed for the seat. The unofficial vote showed Girolamo with 31 percent and Pierce with 69 percent.

The Miami County Board of Elections will meet May 18 to certify the election results.