Miami County election board rejects petitions for 15 candidates

Miami County Courthouse

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Miami County Courthouse

The Miami County Board of Elections voted Wednesday to reject candidate petitions for 15 people across the county, including five who had filed to run for seats on Tipp City Council.

The board met to certify petitions filed by candidates for school boards, city and village councils, township trustees and boards of education. The board reviewed each questioned petition before voting whether to accept or reject a petition. Those petitions thrown out were because of errors outlined in state law as “fatal” to petition approval. Among issues was failing to have the required number of valid signatures of registered voters on petitions.

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The race for four Tipp City Council four-year terms went from seven candidates to three candidates. Candidates certified were Joanna Pittenger, Doug Slagel and Ryan Liddy. Candidates whose petitions were denied were: Meagan Albert, Greg Enslen, former councilman John Kessler and current Councilman Logan Rogers.

The race for two unexpired Tipp City Council terms was cut from three candidates to two with the denial of current Councilman Frank Scenna’s petitions. Candidates certified were Councilmember Kathryn Huffman and Robert Schwab.

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Tipp City school district voters will have five candidates to choose from for two board seats on the Nov. 2 ballot. All candidates who filed were certified. They are: BJ Bethel, Amber Drum, Richard Mains, Don Petsch and Lydia Pleiman. Two current board members - Corine Doll and Joellen Heatherly - chose not to seek re-election.

Board members said, as they have in past years, that they want to certify every candidate they legally can to give voters a choice. In each case Wednesday where board discretion could be used, the petition was certified.

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