More than 3,000 COVID-19 patients reported in Ohio hospitals

More than 3,000 patients are hospitalized with coronavirus in Ohio as of Tuesday, according to the state health department.

It’s the first time the patient count exceeded 3,000 in more than two weeks.

On Aug. 25, Ohio reported 2,142 hospitalized COVID-19 patients. On Tuesday, there were 3,036 patients, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The number of COVID patients in the state’s ICU’s has also climbed with 619 reported on Aug. 25 and 869 reported Tuesday.

Coronavirus accounts for 11.2% of Ohio’s hospital beds and 18.15% of ICU beds, according to ODH. The state has 26.7% of hospital beds and 25.42% of ICU beds available.

In the last day, Ohio recorded 241 hospitalizations and 24 ICU admissions. The state’s 21-day average is 162 hospitalizations a day and 16 ICU admissions a day.

After dropping below 4,000 daily cases for the first time in a week on Labor Day, Ohio reported 4,876 new cases Tuesday.

It’s slightly above Ohio’s 21-day average of 4,629 cases. In the last week, Ohio averaged 5,728 cases a day.

Ohio reported 73 deaths Tuesday, bringing its total to 21,020 since the pandemic began, according to ODH.

Death data can fluctuate because states do not regularly report death certificates to Ohio’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. The day a death is reported doesn’t reflect the day the death occurred.

More than 61% of Ohioans 12 and older and 63.48% of adults have started the COVID-19 vaccine. About 56.5% of those 12 and older and 58.98% of adults have finished it, according to ODH.

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