Results announced for moving OVI checkpoints in Trotwood Friday night

The Montgomery County Combined Agency OVI Task Force has announced the results of moving OVI checkpoints Friday night in Trotwood.

The Trotwood Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Combined Agency OVI Task Force operated checkpoints in the area of 5000 Free Pike and 4825 Salem Ave.

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The checkpoints will began at 8 p.m., aiming to remove impaired drivers from the road.

A total of 238 vehicles passed through both checkpoints, resulting in 35 people diverted for checks, eight citations and seven arrests, according to a release.

Saturation patrols at both checkpoints stopped a further 14 traffic stops, three arrests, two citations and 11 warnings.

The checkpoint on Free Pike had 164 vehicles pass through, and stopped 22.

Of those, two people were arrested for OVI, one was arrested for a misdemeanor and one was arrested for a felony warrant.

In addition, the checkpoint issued two citations for seatbelts, two for driving without a license and one for driving with a suspended license.

Patrols around the Free Pike checkpoint stopped seven vehicles, arresting two for OVI, issuing one seatbelt citation and giving six warnings.

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The Salem Avenue checkpoint saw 74 vehicles pass through, and 13 were stopped for checks.

Two people were arrested for OVI and one was arrested for a misdemeanor. The checkpoint issued three citations for driving under a suspended license and two citations for driving without a license.

Patrols around Salem Avenue also stopped seven vehicles, arresting one person for OVI and issuing one seat belt citation and five warnings.

Ohio law requires law enforcement to announce times, dates and locations of sobriety checkpoints.

Anyone planning to drink alcohol should chose a designated driver or make alternative arrangements beforehand, police said.

This year, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has reported 330 OVI arrests in Montgomery County as of Aug. 30.

Of the 39 fatal crashes reported so far this year in Montgomery County, 11 are OVI-related, according to OSHP. In 2020, 36 of the county’s 63 fatalities were OVI-related.