New businesses changing downtown Bellbrook: Where to find them (Map)

Credit: Copyright © 2022 Jeffrey M. Smi

Credit: Copyright © 2022 Jeffrey M. Smi

BELLBROOK — A string of businesses have opened in downtown Bellbrook as the city has overhauled its approach to attracting economic development.

Several new businesses, including Outside the Box Art Studio, Realty One, Sweetheart’s Goodies, Sugarcreek Photography Gallery, Heavenly Hair and the Crafter’s Lodge, have opened their doors in downtown Bellbrook within the last 12 months.

» Bellbrook sees a flurry of new business openings as city looks to breathe new life in downtown

Use the map below to explore where some of those businesses are:

The rush of new businesses, mainly in food and retail, comes as the city is changing its approach to economic development. Council member Ernie Havens said that he had fielded comments from residents and visitors saying that downtown Bellbrook was wasting its potential to be a hub for people to enjoy.

In September, Bellbrook also voted to create a Community Improvement Corporation for the city, the sole purpose of which is to further Bellbrook’s economic development. One of the goals of the organization may be identifying empty or underutilized city-owned buildings in downtown Bellbrook, and turning them over to the CIC for economic development

“We’re not doing this to put Bellbrook on the map. That’s not the point. We’re doing this to create a downtown for our residents to enjoy,” Havens said.

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