New Centerville self-storage businesses face stricter rules as ban lift nears



CENTERVILLE — A ban on Centerville self-storage units will be lifted soon when stricter guidelines start.

The restrictions applicants for new or expanding self-storage sites will face as of Oct. 13 include zoning, lot size and where items can be kept, city officials said.

Centerville in January imposed a one-year moratorium on the facilities that records show consume about 18 acres in two industrial zoning districts.

Meanwhile, city staff reviewed guidelines in Kettering, Miamisburg and the Cleveland suburb of Parma before writing revisions approved by council last month, City Planner Mark Yandrick said.

While the facilities “are a necessary item for residents and customers in the city,” staff “has concern about the growing footprint of these self-storage” sites, Yandrick said.

The businesses — on average — create about one job for every 5.25 acres, he added.

“But industrial properties typically produce 10 jobs for every one acre,” Yandrick said. “That’s a 50 times difference for what a typical industrial property has for jobs and a tax base than a self-storage facility would have.”

New or expanding Centerville self-storage units, records show, will now be able to operate only:

•In 8% of the city’s two industrial zoning districts;

•On land that is 3 acres maximum;

•More than 1,000 feet from another self-storage business;

•With all stored property in enclosed buildings.

•With fences and walls constructed of a “high-quality material” compatible with building design.

•With ample security installed.

Before the temporary ban, Centerville had two applications for new self-storage facilities, both of which are grandfathered in under current guidelines, Yandrick said. However, if they choose to expand those businesses would fall under the new restrictions, he added.

The city’s moratorium came shortly after a surge of interest in building more self-storage sites in the Dayton area.

The COVID-19 pandemic helped rekindle demand for new sites, said Thomas Gustafson, national director of Self Storage Group for Colliers International in Cleveland.

Those announcing plans in December and January included Cobblestone Capital at 2121 Harshman Road in Riverside; Larkspur Huber Heights at 7650 Waynetowne Blvd. in Huber Heights; and LDI Hospitality Management at 2455 Dryden Road in Moraine.

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