Yellow Springs school tax issue fails

Yellow Springs
Yellow Springs

All school renewal requests on ballot in Miami Valley pass

Yellow Springs voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted against a combined income tax and levy to build a new combined K-12 school building.

In unofficial results from the Greene County Board of Elections, Yellow Springs voted 61% against and 39% for the levy.

The district proposed an income tax of 0.5% and 6.5 mills for 37 years. That translated to $250 per year in income tax for someone with $50,000 and the owner of a $100,000 home $227.50 per year, according to the Greene County Auditor’s Office. The new combined K-12 school is a total of $35.6 million. Fully renovating the schools instead of replacing them would be more than $31 million, school officials said.

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In other school tax issues:

Bradford school district voters voted for a 20-year, $1.7 million bond issue that the superintendent, Joe Hurst, said would pay for a third of the significant athletic and bus upgrades at the school.

Bradford levy voters voted 63% for the levy and 37% against, according to unofficial results from the Miami County Board of Elections.

The 1.84 mill levy will cost $64.40 a year on a $100,000 home if voters approve. A previous Bradford bond is expiring at the same time, the Miami County Board of Elections confirmed

Six school districts requested renewal or substitute levies that would not increase tax rates for current residents.

Here are the schools:


In unofficial final results, Piqua voters appear to have approved the levy, with 61% voting for the ley and 39% voting against it.

The district is asking voters to convert an existing emergency levy into a permanent 4.88-mill substitute levy. Substitute levies keep tax rates the same for existing properties, but allow the schools’ tax revenue to grow in future years if there is new construction of homes, businesses or other property-tax-paying buildings within the district. The levy would continue to raise at least $2.1 million per year and continue to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $171 per year.


Bethel school voters cast votes on two separate renewal levies.

In unofficial final results, 69% of Bethel voters voted for the operating levy and 31% voted against. The district is asking voters to make permanent the 7-mill operating levy, which costs $184.69 per $100,000.

The other is the 2-mill facilities levy, which costs residents $35.10 per $100,000 of property value and would be renewed for five years. In that levy, 68% voted for the levy and 32% voted against in unofficial final results.


With final results, 64% of Milton-Union voters have voted for the levy, while 36% of voters have voted no.

Milton-Union schools asked voters to renew a 17-mill operating levy for the sixth time in 30 years and to make it permanent. The levy currently costs the owner of a $100,000 home $239.22 per year.


With unofficial final results, 65% of voters have voted for the levy, while 35% of voters have voted against the levy.

Newton school voters will decide whether to renew their 0.75% income tax for another three years to pay for regular school expenses. For a person with $50,000 in taxable income, a 0.75% rate costs $375 per year.


Tecumseh schools are asking voters to renew a 2.13-mill emergency levy that raises $712,000 annually for another five years.

Clark County voters in Tecumseh schools had approved the levy in initial results, with 65% voting for the levy and 35% against.

In unofficial final results, 47% of all Tecumseh voters had voted against the levy in Miami County, and 53% of voters were for the levy.

Twin Valley

Twin Valley schools have two five-year renewal levies on the November ballot, including a 2-mill property tax for facilities and a 0.75% income tax for day-to-day expenses.

In unofficial final results, Twin Valley voters voted 60% for the .75% renewal and 40% against the renewal. Voters also went 59% for the 2 mills renewal and 41% against.

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