All ODNR officers will soon have body cams

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is equipping all of its natural resources and wildlife officers with body cameras.

“Body cameras are becoming an increasingly important piece of technology in all areas of law enforcement,” Gov. Mike DeWine stated Friday in a release announcing the body-worn cameras. “These new cameras have the ability to protect natural resources and wildlife officers while also offering transparency to the public.”

ODNR officers are certified peace officers who are required to enforce all laws and statutes of the state within their jurisdictions. The body cameras were purchased using federal CARES Act funding.

“Our officers have been well-trained in the use of this new technology that will help them better protect the people of Ohio,” said ODNR Director Mary Mertz. “We are excited to roll out these new cameras to increase the trust of our visitors while keeping our officers safe on the job.”

The rollout of ODNR body-worn cameras is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol also has outfitted troopers with body cameras and a grant program was developed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety to assist local law enforcement agencies with the costs associated with camera equipment and video storage.

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